Fact Sheet

Developer: Kilosaurus And Newin

Platforms: Android / IOS

Free to play, in-app purchases

Availability: Digital download on apple store and google play


Fluffy fall is a non-stop falling game where the player plays as an adorable and genetically engineered to be delicious in a beverage creature called Fluffy.

The fluffy are trap into a terrific, laser and saw based, slush machine. To survive, they must avoid all the deadly trap placed along the walls

Help them to find a way out before being transformed into a refreshing and full of vitamins slush.

Fluffy fall was created by Kilosaurus, a small indie dev studio located in Paris, France.


The player guide the fluffy with his finger on the screen.

The fluffy falls continually and must dodge the different obstacles on his path, such as laser-beam, giant rotary saw, flamethrower and the walls that changes in size and configuration.

The fluffy are as cute as they are fragile, so be careful not to hit anything.

The player can collect coin during the fall to buy and unlock new skins for his fluffy.

Once the player reach 100 coins, he can purchase an new skin at the gatcha machine.